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Examples of how I help people:

Decisions and planning

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Someone might know that they want to make a change in their life, for example: moving somewhere new, exploring the world, changing career or starting a business. I help them to clarify what it is that they want to do and work out when and how they will go about it.

Someone might be clear about what it is that they specifically want to do, have a wonderful idea, but struggle with planning and making things happen. I help people to clarify their goals and create the plan that can help to change their ideas into reality.


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Someone might tell me that they lack confidence. This may be linked to one aspect of their life, for example:

  • Speaking up or sharing thoughts and feelings comfortably when faced with difficult situations.

  • Becoming more confident when being interviewed for a new job.

  • Making new friends, finding a partner/dating.


Most important of all I help people to believe in their own ability to make the changes that they wish to make.


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Career options - I help people of all ages to explore and identify their career options, decide what they would like to do and plan how to go about it. I have coached: apprentices, people applying for universities, those returning to work after periods of ill health and unemployment, mothers returning to work after having families, people changing jobs and those who wish to become Self-employed.

Working in a team - I work with teams and individuals helping them to better understand each other, communicate well, work harmoniously and achieve their desired goals.

Becoming a manager - I coach people who are first time managers; I help them in a variety of ways, for example: becoming more confident and skilled at supervising staff, leading a team and communicating clearly.

Conflict at work – We are all different. Misunderstandings can at times lead to disharmony. I help people to explore difficult scenarios, look at things from different perspectives, identify useful ways of responding and coping, communicating and remaining happy and focussed at work.

Work – life balance – People sometimes tell me that they are consistently working after hours i.e. answering emails and that they fear this is maybe contributing to increased stress and fatigue. I help people to regain a good work-life balance.

Redundancy - I have helped people going through redundancy to come to terms with the situation, stay positive, remain focussed and calm, explore future options and plan what they might do next.

Other ways that I help people:



Retirement can bring a variety of changes to a person’s life. Some of these changes may be anticipated and others not. I have helped people to explore what retirement might mean for them and how they might fill their time, stay active and live a happy, contented and connected life.

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Health and wellbeing

Many people would like to improve their health and wellbeing. I help people to: minimise anxieties, relax more, lose weight, cope with the menopause, find inner strengths and remain positive when caring for others.

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