Workplace Coaching

“Coaching is one of the most cost-effective and focused ways to develop people in business”.

(O’Connor, J. & Lages)

Professional coaching in the workplace is a development approach that provides structured, focused support, for a defined period. Workplace coaching provides the gift of time that can help an individuals and teams to:

  • process their thinking at a pace that is comfortable to them.

  • express their thoughts

  • increase awareness of their own abilities.

  • find their own solutions to a specific task or problem.

Workplace Coaching - Specialist areas

I provide 1:1 and team coaching.


I specialise in the following areas:

  • Interpersonal skills - individuals, teams and difficult people

  • Time management and planning skills

  • Work life balance for health and wellbeing

  • Shifting to part-time working, staying connected and engaged at retirement, coping with redundancy, becoming self-employed

  • Career and career change

  • Confidence building

"Deborah is a highly-skilled and motivated professional who uses her extensive knowledge, experience and training to maximum effect. A "people- person", Deborah gets the very best out of individuals".


Robin Causley

Benefits to Organisations

A business with a strong coaching culture recognises not only the ambitions of its business but the ambitions of its employees. Ambitions are combined and harmonised and in doing so bring about greater staff satisfaction.

Workplace coaching can help to:


  • enhance an individual or team’s skills, knowledge or work performance.

  • build and develop relationships by providing opportunities for all staff to gain a greater understanding of each other.

  • improve communication, planning and attainment of goals.

"Deborah is an excellent coach. She has a pleasant manner, is intelligent and quickly gained an understanding of what I am trying to achieve"

Paul - Business owner

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